Dualtron X electric scooters ( the iPhone of electric scooters)

The Dualtron X electric scooter is one of the most influential electric bikes. It has an impressive top speed with a high range due to its enormous motors and batteries. It raises the standard of personal commute to a new level. Its damper and suspension can be adjusted, which helps in delivering a more smooth and stable ride. It also can be prevented from theft, its LCD Eye throttle locks the motor when not in use.

About this beast ( dualtron X electric scooter)

The new king of electric electric scooters is dualtron X. it is breaking all benchmarks and bringing them to a new level. I am very happy to introduce this beast. We are gonna talk about the specification, the unleashed power, the performance, a full entertainment review ahead so stay tuned.

The beast comes with adjustable suspension and dumper because of that it gives you a more stable and smooth ride.  You can also theft it If you are a professional thief becausedualtron X

It also comes with an extraordinary security feature that locks the Dualtron X electric scooters when not in use so it prevents theft. It comes with a speed of 55mph and a  range of over 150 km, Dualtron X  electric scooter is the most powerful electric scooter on this planet. dualtron X electric scooter comes with a 6720Watt Dual Hub motors

The Dualtron X is quite different from other Dualtron electric electric scooters we’ve reviewed. Its stem is thick and boxy. The suspension of X  is coil-over-hydraulic, compared to the typical suspension.

Key highlights of Dualtron X electric scooter

Range: 92 miles
Max Load: 265 lbs.
Max Speed: 55 mph
Weight: 145 lbs.
Price: $ 5,999.00

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  • The X has the biggest electric scooters on the planet
  • It has tons of range and power
  • Dualtron comes with excellent suspension
  • this is Very expensive
  • It is Heavy and impractical

Here are some important things you should know about that which are following as

  7. TIRES
  10. DECK

The powerful motor of Dualtron X electric scooter

It comes with a beast motor which is Max 6720Watt Dual Hub motors that can take you up to 55mile per hour. The Dualtron X is one of the fastest electric electric scooters on the earth. The  6720W Dual Hub motors make the X  rocket on two wheels.

The insane suspension

It comes with  19-stage adjustable hydraulic suspension on both the front and rear wheels allowing for suspension intensity adjustments, something that only the Dualtron X series has. That’s why I called it the insane suspension.dualtron x suspension

The air cooling system of Dualtron X electric scooter

The X has the Jet Air Cooling Guard which is the first high performance air-cooled heat-dissipation system. I think it is the most pro level thing because driving at that high level speed of course heat will generate and because of this heat it can lead to gas damage so the Jet air cooling guards effectively reduce the heat of the product, helping you to ride safely and enjoyable.


The Dualtron X is one of the fastest electric scooters on earth because it comes with The dual 6720-watt brushless DC motors. It is a big question because with that type of power what will be the acceleration?dualtron X

The dualtron X took 2.2 seconds to reach 15 mph, 3.0 seconds to reach 20 mph, and 4.0 seconds to 25 mph.

Braking of Dualtron X electric scooter

It  has  fully-hydraulic disc brakes in both wheels. which requires a little effort to activate, yet are very progressive and predictable. It has very solid brakes levers but the brakes are too smooth and effective.


On the right side as  you can see  the EYE LCD display/throttle control and the best feature is That comes  with a fingerprint reader for locking/unlocking the electric scooters. The central console displays voltages for the battery.dualtron X cockpit

you have controls for the turn signals, electronic horn, and lights On the left side of the electric scooters. If you want to add other powered accessories so There are also some additional buttons on the left side of the stem.

Tires of Dualtron X electric scooter

It has tubeless and wide tires that makes it more stable. It has such big tires in comparison to other electric scooters . You can easily drive it .It is so useful on roads with a lot of potholes.dualtron x electric scooter

Security features

You can also steal it If you are a professional thief because It also comes with an extraordinary security feature that locks the electric scooters when not in use so it prevents theft. This function will lock the rear motor when not in use.

Lights of Dualtron X electric scooter

The X has ultra bright led lights which gives you a safer night ride. It comes with so many lights like this product has rear led lights , side logo lights, back side led light.dualtron X


In dualtron X you get extra space on deck. I think it has larger space than any other electric scooter.

Portability of Dualtron X electric scooter

The X is absolutely not a portable scooter because of its weight .dualtron

           Conclusion : the dualtron X

I think it is the heaviest and largest electric scooter that I have seen in my entire life. It is still speedy. I think in the comfort section its performance is just amazing because it has larger space than other electric scooters. The tires are enormous. Due to these tires it makes the ride comfortable. It has also installed great suspension which makes dualtron X smoother and good for rural as well as urban areas. dualtron also has a beast motor. It comes with a 2940 watt battery which claims up to 93miles mileage.

There is just a quite disturbing point that is the warranty of this product. It gives you a 6 months warranty. You can increase it but you have to pay extra for a 12 months warranty. Its acceleration is superb . I think it’s worth more than a electric scooter. It also has a unique ABS BRAKING SYSTEM which prevents tires skids or many things. In my point of view this product is the iPhone of electric scooters. By the way if you are low on budget then check out this scooters unagi model one e500 and Apollo Explore scooter


MOTOR 6720W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
MAX MILEAGE Up to 93 mi
MAX SPEED 55 mph
BRAKE Hydraulic Brake + 160mm disk
MAX LOAD 265 lbs