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Mercane Widewheel pro

As all of you realize that it’s miles an improvement of widewheel electric powered scooter which changed into released in 2018 . widewheel changed into pretty true fulfillment for business enterprise however there may be a lot of opposition on this international it truly is why business enterprise improve it and springs with Mercane widewheel pro electric scooter. There are such a lot of upgrades . so let’s speak approximately its capabilities and performance.widewheel pro

Riders will experience a truly unique ride with their ultra-wide foam-filled tires. If you have never ride an electric scooter, this ride can be described as floating on a rocket. Mercane Widewheel Pro’s acceleration is fun and very quick, it can give you a top speed of 24 mph in 8 seconds and an unlocked top speed of 26 mph. Its 720-watt battery gives a test range of 22 miles at its top speed.

Range: 22 miles
Max Load: 220 lbs
Max Speed: 26 mph
Weight: 54 lbs
Price: $ 1,269.00
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Decent Hill-climbing ability

Mercane Widewheel pro electric scooter features and benefits:-

Design and construction

Mercane Widewheel pro has better construct first-class than the preceding model and it looks like widewheel 2.0. Most of the customers reporting metal part failure at the preceding model however this time with the brand new improved business enterprise makes use of aluminium alloy additives in place of metal in widewheel pro electric scooter. Some components have additionally been thickened of widewheel pro. The up to date model of this e-scooter weight is 54lbs and it has a max rider weight 220lbs. The tires also are improved, even brakes additionally.widewheel pro

Motor and battery of Mercane Widewheel pro

Mercane mounted an upgraded battery for this WideWeel. At 48V 15AH, this lithium-ion battery is constructed for power. It’s 1 mph faster and it has a 10-15% longer range in comparison to the older model. There are 500W motors with remarkable torque and acceleration, which offers you a remarkable trip on hills. The WideWheel can manage 30% inclines easily.widewheel pro

At pinnacle velocity on a flat surface, you may get round 26 mph. For range, a 160-pound rider at full speed (on flat pavement) gets around 18-22 miles. If the range is very important, you could usually switch to Eco mode and get as a minimum 30 miles on one charge. Speaking of charging, it takes approximately 7 hours to refill the scooter from empty.


The widewheel top speed is 24 miles per hour but after upgrading the widewheel pro maximum speed is 26 miles per hour . The difference is only 2 miles per hour but every small upgrade makes this electric scooter way better than the older one.

Smart display of Mercane Widewheel pro

The new smart display is arguably the most important upgrade on the 2020 WideWheel besides the motor and battery. The smart display of widewheel pro shows your speed, mileage, and battery charge. you’ll additionally amendment gears whereas you ride.widewheel pro display handle

The Eco mode unlocks the scooter’s maximum range and also the most effective use of power. The power mode gives you high speeds and maximum torque. With cruise control, you can abandon the throttle (which has been upgraded from the original) and maintain your speed.


The WideWheel pro has an amazing dual 120-mm mechanical disc and dual electric brakes which is better than the previous version. The widewheel pro came to a stop from fifteen miles per hour in an exceedingly mere 3.8 meters during the braking test. we tend to contemplate something below five meters to be a superb result.widewheel pro

Portability of Mercane Widewheel pro

The dimension of widewheel pro electric scooter is 43.1 x 21.6 x 43.3 inches and the folded dimension is 43.1 x 8.6 x 16.1 inches. As you clearly see the differences by the way its weight is 54lbs if you are goku then you can carry it easily. Due to their weight I will say that it is not a portable scooter, choice is yours.

For comparison, it is similar in length and height, but is actually thinner than a normal small scooter like the Xiaomi Mi M365 (48-centimeter by 43-centimeter by 107-centimeter).widewheel pro

It has an amazing  folding stem that uses a unique threaded locking mechanism that makes the stem super stable once exposed.  A drawback to the current widewheel of folding mechanism is that it is slower than the fast folding mechanism and takes more than a few seconds to down.


The back-lit alphanumeric display shows speed, mode, odometer, and battery standing in each bar and volts. The display housing conjointly includes a power button and mode button for quickly changing between Eco (battery saving, low performance) and Sport (high performance) modes.widewheel pro

The updated grips are currently two-toned and have additional of an applied science form compared to the previous version. Overall, not bad.

The throttle controller body is formed of light-weight plastic and feels somewhat cheap. It doesn’t feel nearly as strong or sleek as alternative quality throttle controls.

Lights of Mercane Widewheel pro

The widewheel pro scooter comes with high-mounted front LED light and rear red LED tail light. The front light is much better at close distances, but the lack of optics means that the light spreads quickly with distance. So it is difficult to ride on dark roads because you can’t see the potholes or hazardous roads from far distance . Because of this, we suggest an additional ultra-bright light with sensible optics to visualize the road ahead.widewheel pro


The WideWheel Pro has 8-inch through 3.9-inch, ultra-extensive tires which might be airless and full of gentle polyurethane foam. Compared to different airless (aka “solid” tires), those are pretty gentle and assist comfortable rides somewhat.widewheel pro tires pic

The most important advantage of the airless tires isn’t having to fear about getting flats. However, the drawback is they do now no longer have as good of traction as pneumatic (air-filled) tires and carry out a whole lot worse below moist conditions. Despite having a massive touch patch with the ground, the tires are susceptible to dropping traction below heavy acceleration or braking. In moist conditions, they could come to be pretty slippery.

Conclusion of Mercane Widewheel pro

Overall , i think widewheel pro is one of the best scooter in 2020. When riding it you can feel the premium build quality and sturdiness. If you are happy with its weight then i have to say that it is best for regular use. The upgraded dual motor and power provided so much power and range which is enough for us. But if you want a beast electric scooter then must go for dualtron X. the safety features are now quite good like brakes , tires etc. the fluidfree company provides you a 6 months warranty . i think in this price range you can also check unagi model one e500  and Apollo Explore scooter . Because compare first with others then choose a suitable product for you.

Specification of widewheel pro electric scooter.

Motor 2x 500W base / 800W peak
Battery Lithium-ion 48V 15Ah
Est range 22+ miles*
Top speed 26 mph
Weight limit 220 lbs / 100 kg


Tires 8″ x 3.9″ never-flat foam filled
Suspension front and rear springs
Brakes Front & rear disc brake
Lights front and rear LED
Display Smart Display


Dimensions 43.1 x 21.6 x 43.3 inches
Folded Dim. 43.1 x 8.6 x 16.1 inches
Weight 54 lbs
Drive front & rear wheel drive
Bat. position under board

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